Dimitris Lappas tel.: +30 6947208454
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Taxi Services

We provide taxi services for traveling to any destination within or outside the county.

Call us any Time

We can assist you 24 hours a day, just make the call!

Guiding services and transport

Specially designed for your needs.


Accuracy of appointments and consistency to customers.

Why Choose Us?

Highly qualified staff
We have staffed our cars with highly qualified staff with many years of expertise and experience in the field, to respond promptly to wishes and requirements.
The most important aspect of our business is the accuracy appointments and consistency to customers.
Total Solutions
We provide integrated solutions for companies and their executives, tourist offices, organizations, public and private agencies, hotels for guests demanding.
Respecting the personal and professional lives of our customers, we adhere to the privacy and safeguard any information concerning them.

Our Main Concern